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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Web Analytics and Reporting

Web Analytics determines the overall performance of your website. It helps to track each user behaviours precisely on your website. Such information is then referred to as reporting.
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What is web analytics and reporting?

Web analytics is important in order to understand how your website is performing. Without web analytics, you cannot measure the effectiveness or your website. Web analytics tracks users as they find your website and interact with it. There are numerous factors of web analytics. These factors are presented in a human readable form while reporting.


Why web analytics and reporting?

Building a website guarantees online presence. But for an effective web presence, your work is just beginning. In order to profit, you need to be visible as there are more than one billion websites. That visibility requires hard work. You need to continuously track various elements that influence the algorithm of the search engine. This is where web analytics and reporting comes into play.

Our analytics and reporting Services

Rillmark provides three types of analytics and reporting services

Website Analytics:

Rillmark Ads provides website analytics and reporting services. In this service, we deal with different analytic tools to analyze how visitors find your site and engage with it. The analytics that we produce is properly reported for taking further actions.

Social Media Analytics:

Almost everyone has a social presence. Social  media can be used for engaging and driving traffic to your website. Social Media analytics can help you analyze your page engagement, post page engagement and others such as demography.

SEM & SEO Analytics:

SEO analytics is mainly important to decide what sort of content, you want to serve your site visitors. SEO analytics will provide a report on how effective is your content, how you can improve it and how you can profit from it. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) analytics tracks your campaigns and shows you ways to get a better return on the investment.

Our web analytics and reporting process:

Rillmark approaches web analytics and reporting process systematically. We follow the following steps.


This is the first step. We begin by identifying your most important goals. Everything we do will be based on this target.


In this step, we look at the traffic that your website is currently receiving. We will also identify the current strengths and weaknesses.

Tackling weakness:

After we find your weakness, we start addressing these issues. We will find ways that can effectively plug any weakness your website has. We will also measure the progress that we are making

Measurement and Further refinement:

We use web analytic tools to measure our progress so that we understand what we are achieving and where we are moving towards. Using the same analytics, we will further refine our web analytics and reporting process. This process goes on and on.

Why Choose us?

Technical Expertise:

We know what we are doing exactly. We employ several tools so that you can track the progress that we are making. While providing reporting, we will provide those reports in a readable form. This saves you, your time and you do not need to put mental strain.


We take care of your every dollar you invest. Our aim is to make sure that you earn greatest possible return on your investment. We work from small budget to mid sized and large budget projects. If you are not sure, just ask us.

Fast Service:

Technology moves very fast. Search engines constantly change their algorithms. Competition is fierce. We recognize that speed is crucial part of online success. Hence, we move accordingly. We are swift and respond to your queries fast.