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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Blog Article Writing

Blog and Article writing is a continual online writing that is required for updating post on the website, web pages, or for sending to the subscriber.
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What is blog article writing ?

Blog and article writing are a type of online writing that are updated regularly in a website or webpage. The main differences between them is the tone they are written in. Blogs are more informal and written in a conversational tone. Articles are more formal and written in a more sophisticated writing style. Blog post are also usually shorter than most articles.

One of the most important aspects of your content marketing system is your blog/article. A well-written blog or article will attract and engage your website visitors as well as keep them coming to your website every day.


Why is it important ?

Blogs and articles for a website can be very useful for your business. Your blog or article can be a very useful tool to get across any messages to your audience or customers. By using website’s links in your posts, on-site linking can be maximised by website owners. And most important of all you can increase traffic to your website by updating quality content in the form of blogs or articles. They also help raise the overall ranking of your website.

Our services:

While blogs and articles can provide you with many advantages for your website and your business, managing a proper blog/ site for articles can require investment of a lot of energy, time and concentration. Here at Rillmark Ads, we provide you with the following services for your ease:

  1.   Creating content calendar

Rillmark ads will create a specialized calendar for all contents.

  1.   Blog/article writing

We research and create written content maximizing use of keywords that are geared to your business.

  1.    Blog/article maintenance

Rillmark ads provides you with a personal blog/articles manager who will work to edit, post, promote, tag, etc. for all your blogs/articles.

  1.    Comment management

Rillmark ads team will manage all messages from your readers. According to your requirements, we can also moderate reader’s comments in the webpage.

Our process:

Here is the process that we follow in Rillmark ads in our blog/article writing service.

  1.       Launch
  2.       Creation
  3.       Maintenance
  4.       Report

Why choose us ?


Rillmark ads writing team provides you with quality writing for your website. Our experienced writers are always professional with their work and consistent with the subject matter as per the website requirement.


Our content matter are original and current to the time. We research on the market and use the results to come up with the best material for your article/blog. We write content that your readers will love.

Affordable prices

Our prices are affordable and within the market price range. Contact us for a price quote.