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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Newsletter Writing

Newsletters are basically reports containing news and information about the activities of a company to provide regular updates to clients, customers, etc.
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What is newsletter writing?

Proficient copywriting is vital in making a splendid newsletter. Newsletters are reports containing news and information about the activities of a company or an association that are sent via mail consistently to every one of its members, clients, employees or individuals who are associated with it. With the rise in online marketing, newsletter marketing has become a lucrative resource for companies to send important information through emails about activities and product- focused content to their subscriber list of clients and potential customers. Here at Rillmark ads, we focus on your requirement to bring forward message in ways that will capture your reader’s attention.


Why is it important for your company?

Newsletters are imperative to convey and address your business opportunities and issues to your target audience in regular and appealing manner. By combining regular newsletters to your general marketing strategy, you gain more opportunities to connect with your audience and form better relations. A well composed newsletter will also help build up your brand and company reputation and improve customer locality. Regular updates help make customers aware of the upcoming products and services as well as activities related to your business.


Here are more ways that newsletter can help maximize the opportunities for your business:

  1.    Announcements of new product launch and services
  2.    Promotion of special offers and discounts
  3.    Spreading out business to new locations
  4.    Joining of new employees, suppliers and partners
  5.    Spread noteworthy accomplishments
  6.    Announcement of future events
  7.    Latest Reports

Our newsletter writing services include:

Professional writing services

When writing content, it is important to make right connection with the audience and their understanding of your writing. A good written piece should be able to make your readers respond in the way you want them to. Our writers understand and adapt to the nuances of newsletter writing and are flexible to your requirements.

Extensive research

Our experienced writers go through rigorous research to create the perfect newsletter for your demand. We create persuasive and informative written content that is in line with your brand for your newsletter requirements. After much research and deliberation, our materials are always specifically geared for your target group

Regular service

We are committed to finishing our projects before deadlines. We always deliver your tasks without the slightest delay. Whether it be a weekly, monthly or annual newsletter, our writing team always bring our best for your satisfaction.

Our process:

  1.   Understand the content.
  2.   Creation of draft
  3.   Review from company
  4.   In-depth Writing
  5.   Second review
  6.   Corrections

Why choose us?

Specialized writers

Our industry experienced writers have specialization in creating newsletters. Our writers not only focus on the grammar but also the nuances of writing a compelling content for your company.

Detail oriented

Rillmark ads writing team believes proper research is key to success. At its core, a newsletter should have the information at its front and center but we do not leave any corners unturned.