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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Press Release Writing

Press release writing is written or recorded communication, for the purpose of declaring to members of news media about recent developments or superficially newsworthy.
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What is press release writing?

Press releases are a medium to connect audience with the happenings with in the business. It helps improve traffic and ranking if the press releases are optimized according to SEO.

In the event that you require instant message and furthermore are searching for the best approach to target specific target groups, you should have immediate and clear-cut connection. With Rillmark ads, we perform the task with proper target and also broadcast the news in a timely manner so that target audience are informed about the happenings within the company. We are fully prepared to execute together with online distribution services.


Why is press release writing important for your company?

Press release are composed with a specific end goal to advise or inform clients, partners, vendors and investors about recent developments, events or activities concerning the business. They feature the positive aspects of your business which helps to boost trust and credibility in your prospective customers’ mind and also inspire confidence in the individuals who might invest in your business.

Press release acts as a company reputation builder. A proper press release helps you express your official statements in a composed manner that can help build your overall company reputation.

Here are ways that a good press can help you and your business:

  •    Earn publicity
  •    Boost website traffic
  •    Produce more revenue
  •    Increment in recognition through service

Our press release writing services:

Press Release Optimization Services

To enable your website to rank higher in internet search results, Rillmark ads press release writing team makes sure your official statements are keyword optimized, use semantic tagging, include alt tags for easy accessibility of your pictures and anchor text links to guide your audience to your business website.

Press Release Distribution Services

At Rillmark ads, we present your press release writing to relevant online press release directories and to real news search engines such as Google news, Yahoo news, MSN, etc.

Our press release writing process:

  •   Understand the content.
  •   Creation of draft
  •   Review from company
  •   In-depth writing
  •   Second review
  •   Corrections

Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose Rillmark ads above any other press release outlets. Some of them are:

  •   We deliver to you exclusive and newsworthy press release for your business.
  •   We provide you with dedicated team of experienced and reliable press release writers.
  •   We provide you with complete ownership of the content.
  •   Our service is very cost effective and among the best prices in the market.
  •   We believe in punctuality. You can depend on us for speedy turnaround time.