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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Web / SEO Copywriting

What is Web and SEO Copywriting?

Although many similarities exist between the two terms, there lies a distinct difference. Web Copywriting can be well defined as an act of writing that is supposed to be used for advertising and marketing. Its purpose is to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade an individual or a group to take a specific action. To put it simply, Web Copywriting s a persuasive form of writing to gather traffic and audience towards your business.

Meanwhile, SEO copywriting is a more advanced form of online writing that compulsorily includes a certain set of keywords or keyphrases. Although it sounds similar to web writing, with the help of the keywords, your business site is able to pop on the top of the search results. It also helps increase the ranking of your site, such as in Google.

Why Web/SEO Copywriting?

Web Copywriting helps make a better impression on the vision and the message of your brand. Web writing is supposed to be clear, short and appealing. Talking about SEO copywriting, it refers to quality content. It helps break down the phrases into its component parts. It helps optimize your site which allows it to be easily visible via search engines like Google as well as  Bing. If your website is visible along with containing appealing content, it is bound to appear on the first few pages of the results when an individual searches for that topic. Additionally, it also helps drive qualified traffic.

Our Web/SEO Copywriting Services

Rillmark consists of diversity in its teams and our strong backbone has been the content department. With our talented and efficient writers, the accessibility to quality content, perfect for both Web and SEO Copywriting within a set deadline is a no-brainer. We work according to your requirements and bring your vision to reality.

Why Choose us?

Priority in Quality:

If you employ us, we will be dedicated to bringing you quality content within a given deadline. Rillmark never compromises in quality.

Building your image:

We will be creating content that consistently shows an impression of your brand/business. Our effort will be to build your brand image in a positive way.


We use different methods to make your business thrive within an affordable cost. Rest assured that the returns from engaging us to manage your brand, will be much more than what you will spend.