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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Email Marketing

Email marketing means use of emails for promoting products and services. At the very least emails helps to develop products and / or services.

What is email marketing?

We all know emails.  Email marketing means use of emails for promoting products and services. At the very least emails helps to develop products and / or services.

It is a form of direct marketing and has several advantages over traditional mail marketing.

You can use emails for variety of purposes for example to announce discounts available, arrival of new products or services, to greet your loyal customers and so on.


Why email Marketing?

Emails have a larger reach. There are more people using emails than other platforms such as Facebook, twitter etc. Almost all emails get delivered. Comparatively this is way more than impression your ads receive in social media. Another advantage is that email will remain in inbox unless deleted specifically. Several researches have shown that the return on investment on email marketing is greater than other channels.    Furthermore, email is an open communication channel.

Our email Marketing Services

Rillmark’s email marketing service is comprehensive. We provide following email related services:

  • Managing business and consumer lists
  • Creating email content and email designs
  • Tracking and monitoring responses
  • Preparing specialized business to business emails

Our email marketing process:

Defining strategy and identify target group.

This is the first step. We need to know clearly what our goals are and what we are going to achieve. We will also define target group and collect target group data

Creating Database:

After defining the target group, we start by creating email addresses and other relevant data in a database. We try our best to collect as much information as possible so that the emails that will be sent can be personalized.

Setting the tone and frequency:

At this stage, we begin by defining the goal for an individual  email campaign and the tone we need to adopt. We will also determine the frequency of the emails we will be sending.

Creating Email content:

In this step, we create the email content. The content will be a combination of text, images and links. These emails will be created using HTML. All efforts will be concentrated to producing visually rich and effective, irresistible emails.

Unleashing the email:

Finally we are ready to send the emails. Before sending these emails, we will test the emails we are going to send with major email providers. We need to perform this test to know if the emails are being delivered as spam mail.

Measuring results:

It is necessary to find the effectiveness of a campaign. For this, we look at several factors such as undelivered emails, embedded click through rates and revenues from sales resulting from the email campaign, if applicable. On the basis of these data, we will position our next campaign.

Why Choose us?

One stop solution:

Rillmark Ads is a full digital marketing agency. We provide all sorts of marketing services. Once you employ Rillmark Ads for digital marketing, you do not need to deal with any other organizations.


We try our best to keep the cost at a minimum. Our guiding policy is – digital marketing should not be too costly. Since we provide all sort of services related to email marketing this also helps us to keep our cost low.

Standard of service:

We put our clients interest first. This means we will always seek for greater return on every dollar, rupee or pound you spend with us. Besides, we work in a fast paced way so that you can get results fast.