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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery is the process of consistently improving its ability to elevate quality content and fully meet the needs of its users.
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What is Google Penalty Recovery?

In order to understand Google Penalty Recovery, you need to know what Google Penalty is.  A Google penalty refers to negative impact on your website due to changes in Google’s search algorithm. However, Google penalty may also be the result of manual review. If you use black-hat SEO techniques it may result into Google Penalty. If Google penalizes your website, you need Google Penalty Recovery services to make sure that your website ranks fairly.

Why do you need Google Penalty Recovery?

Google is the dominant search engine. There are 1.5 billion sites online. Majority of these websites get visitors through Google. Hence, if you have a website, you need to make that site Google friendly. If Google penalizes your website, it will not show in Google ranking. This in turn leads to very few visitors to your website. Hence, if you are penalized by Google, you should instantly seek for Google Penalty Recovery services.

Our services:

Rillmark understands the importance of Google. We are here to make sure that your website gets back the organic traffic your website deserves. Everyone deserves a second chance. We analyze why Google is penalizing your website and report you the possible causes. Then we will start seeking remedial steps.

Our process:

Google constantly updates its algorithm. These change in algorithms affects where your website shows up in the search page. Google names its algorithms according to their major versions such as Panda and Penguin. Panda algorithm penalizes for duplicate content while Penguin penalizes for spammy backlinks that point to your website. There are other versions of Google Algorithms that look at other factors of the website.

Our Google Penalty Recovery service begins with diagnosis of website and understanding why Google is penalizing your website. Further, we look whether the penalty is algorithmic or manual. After understanding the root cause the recovery process starts.

Why Rillmark?

 Quality Service:

Google Penalty Recovery is a serious matter. So we approach it accordingly.  After understanding the root cause of Google Penalty, we use our resources to obliterate those causes swiftly. Our service is professional.


We know that digital marketing services may be quite expensive. However, our guiding motto is that Google Penalty Recovery service should be affordable. You can send us your requirements and budget, we are sure that we can arrange something.


The speed of internet is getting faster and faster. Algorithms are updated regularly. Technology moves in great strides. So a digital service without speed has no place in the digital world. Hence, we provide a very fast service.