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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


SEO project for Kenwood – the iconic British Brand

SEO project for Kenwood – the iconic British Brand


Kenwood is a company that designs and manufactures cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances. The late Kenneth Wood founded the British company, back in 1947. Kenwood is regarded as one the most popular brands in the world for the best kitchenware. The company produces efficient and high quality kitchen products and also delivers excellence in design. Every one of their product has a timeless elegance coupled with a uniquely intuitive operation. As of today, Kenwood products sell out every three seconds across the world.


Kenwood was facing several problems on their online marketing platform. We found that there was difficulty for the consumers to properly find products across pages in search engine on their site. There was duplication of contents as well in various sections of their website. Meanwhile, more difficulties arose such as poor mobile experience, slow loading of pages, and no optimized images. As a result, the consumers found it inconvenient of have an overall great online shopping experience.


Rillmark provided Kenwood with a number of solutions to help diminish their problematic issues. First of all, we optimized their titles and content to make it more convenient and user-friendly. We also optimized their pages’ speed which would enable consumers to have a smooth online shopping experience. We optimized their pages as well, so that the quality of the images wouldn’t be a hindrance while the page is loading. Last but not the least; we also focused more on their important pages by updating their Sitemap priority.


With the solutions that we acted upon the problems that Kenwood faced, there have been plenty of impressive results. Kenwood is now in the first page in SERPs for a number of targeted keywords. They now have a much better page speed which doesn’t create an obstacle in a consumer’s online shopping experience. The website is more accessible with correct usage of robots rule and sitemap priority.