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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Bing Ad Services

Microsoft's Bing Ad service is the another best alternative platform for growing business to get their features products to the targeted customers.
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What is Bing ad service?

Though it is true that Google dominates in terms of search performed in search engines, however Google is not the only search engine. Bing is another search engine that can act as an alternative. Advertising in Bing comes with own merits. Therefore Rillmark Ads provides Bing ad services as well. As you seperate your advertising budget it is wise to spend a portion on Bing ad services, who knows your return on investment may be more on Bing than Google?


Why Bing ad service?

Google is not the only search platform, though it is the most popular. But being most popular does not mean that you have to spend whatever you have on Google Advertisements only. Infact, because of Google’s popularity the advertisers are crowding in the Google ad services. All of them are seeking for a part of the pie via Google. This might not be the best strategy.  Consider the fact that people perform about 3.3 billion searches in Bing per month. With proper tactics, you can harness these searches for your benefit.

Our Bing Ad Service

Rillmark understands the potentiality of the Bing Search Engine. In fact, we are always keeping an eye on how Bing is performing. We can get you started on how to leverage Bing ad service to push and profit from your services and products. We can start a campaign with Bing ad service or overhaul a campaign on your behalf. Our main aim is to make a positive return for you using Bing.

Our Bing ad process:

Our Bing ad process confirm to the steps required to place an ad on Bing Search Engine. We start with creating a Bing Ad account, followed by picking the right keyword. We make use of Bing features to find the right keywords for you. You may be amazed Bing has a feature in which you can find Keywords simply by entering the url of a website. Like in Google Ad services, you can set your own campaign and control the amount of money you spend on advertisements on a daily limit. Once the campaign is set, we will tune and prune your advertisement for maximum impact.

Why Choose US


While other ads services may focus on Google, we are serious about the potentiality of Bing as well. For us Bing is a platform that has more potentialities than Google.


As Google Ad services is crowded, people are bidding on Keywords driving the cost of advertisements. Bing however is relatively less saturated hence Bing ad services are more economical.

More and better traffic

By cleverly positioning your advertisements through, we will make sure your website gets more traffic and not just traffic but better traffic.

Fast Returns

Advertisements on search engines provide fast returns. We understand that as a service or product owner, you want to see results fast