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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Display Advertising

Display Advertising is the medium of advertising your product in the form of text, images, video or audio either on website or applications platform.
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What is display advertising?

By display advertising, we mean advertising on websites. They may be of different types and include contents in the form of texts, images, audio and video. Display advertising is done to deliver brand messages and general advertisements to website visitors. These advertisements may be shown on third party sites, search engine result pages and even social networks. The ad displaying websites reserve certain sections of their sites for display advertising.


Why display advertising?

Everyone is online these days. We learn, play, socialize and remain informed online. Hence, it makes great sense to advertise online. There are various forms of advertisements online. Like pay per click (PPC) advertisements, display advertisements are often placed on websites and paid by the clicks received. However, unlike other general PPC advertisements, in display advertisements you can include images, different fonts, audio and even video. Display advertising are perfect for brand image creation and act as constant reminder of your businesses or organization’s presence.

Our display advertising Services

Rillmark ads is committed to providing best display advertising services. Briefly, we can summarize the services we provide as below:

  • Understanding target audience and your business goals
  • Copywriting and ad design services
  • Data analysis
  • Clicks, calls and contacts tracking
  • Proper report generation
  • Landing page optimization and testing
  • Continuous improvement based on data analysis

Our display advertising process

We follow specific set of steps for providing effective display advertising service.

Goal selection and key performance indicators

This is the first step. We begin by setting up goals. This helps us to keep track of progress we have made. The key performance indicators (KPI) will be identified and used as a metric to evaluate the effectiveness of your display advertisement

Setting up targets

On the online domain, you can control who sees your ads. Targets are people who you want to reach through your advertisement. To achieve this, we will create your ideal customer profiles.  Based on your ideal customer profiles, we identify where to place your display advertisements.

Buying Displayers

This is the third step. We approach various displayers based on our predefined targets. There are various channels to buy advertisements such as  Publishers, Ad Networks, Demand side platforms or advertising agencies.

Campaign Creation

Now we have the platform. We start to start the campaign. We will come up with a copy by ourselves or you can provide us your copy. There are various content types you can use such as text, image, video or other interactive type of content.

Ad optimization and tracking

We will constantly measure the effectiveness of the ad based on goal settings and KPIs. As we analyze the results, we will come to understand consumer behaviour. We can use this information for optimizing ads, choosing platforms and tweaking landing pages.

Why Choose us?

Orderly process

We follow specific steps making sure that we gather all required information. We collect all the available data so that we can trim and prune the display advertisements. We will look out for the best platforms to use, best ad copy to use and best way to target your ideal customers.

Fast Results

The online world is quite fast. News and messages spread on the net like fire. We understand that you want results and you want them fast. Hence, we quicken all the processes involved in placing that perfect display advertisement.


Our service is very economical. If you have a requirement, give us your budget estimation. We are sure that we can agree on something.