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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Google Adword Campaign Management

Google AdWords campaign is the great platform for your business which provides flexibility in exposing your business ads based on pre-set criteria.
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What is Google Adwords Campaign Management?

Before understanding Google Adword Campaign management, you need to know what a Google adword is.  Google adword is basically a service Google provides for businesses and organizations to display ads on Google including its advertising network. Unlike conventional advertising, Google adwords allows businesses the flexibility in showing their ads based on pre-set criteria. The ads crafted are based on keywords. Key words are simply words used by search engine to show relevant web pages when a search is performed. Keywords determine when to display the advertisement.

Just like in any other media advertisements, the advertisers  are always looking for how well their advertisements perform. This is more so in case of net advertisements, as effectiveness of an ad can be easily tracked online. There are several elements that come into play in a Google advertisement. Hence, it is important to manage all Google adwords campaigns. This is appropriately called Google adwords campaign management.


Why Google adword campaign management ?

Google adwords employs the concept of keywords but the scope of  Google adword campaign is much more broad. Any advertisement crafted for Google adword campaign can be targeted like a laser focus. You can set Google adword campaign to target a particular demography, geography, interest and other behaviour. You can choose whether to base your advertisements based on clicks, responses or impressions. Similarly, you can change the keywords, tweak design elements, change texts and see which campaigns are effective. You can also decide whether text or image or video advertisements serve your purpose. There are so many things that you can do to make your adword campaign effective

Hence, a Google adword campaign management is crucial for the success of your business or an organization.

Our Google adword campaign services

Rillmark Ads has been providing Google adword services to clients in various countries successfully. We know how to set up Google Adwords campaign, how to target particular demography or geography. We look for and analyse the results of all campaigns, so that we can create more powerful ads that increase the conversion rates. Thanks to our experience, we will make sure that even your first ad word campaign delivers results. We will optimize the ads more and more so that every dollar you spend is utilized to its maximum.

Our Google adwords management process

A proper Google adword management process is systematic and follows a proper set of steps. Here at Rillmark, we follow following steps.

Ad Targeting:

There are billions of internet users. Most often than not, it is useless to target every internet user out there. Hence, you need to segment the internet users and show your advertisements to potential consumers. Thanks to the internet, it is easier to target specific set of consumers. We start our Google adwords campaign by first identifying and targeting your potential consumers.

Ad Copy generation:

Based on the market segmentation, we start to craft a particular ad copy keeping in our mind the keyword optimization. Finding the perfect keyword may be time consuming. We start with some keywords that we think are most effective based on Google Keyword finder. But then we start to prune these keywords adding negative keywords or using Google quality score. High quality scores indicates better positioning at relatively lower cost. We also have the option of pruning based on conversion.

The ad may only use text, or image or video or a combination of these. Moreover, as the adword campaign runs, based on several metrics, we will continuously improve our ad copy for maximum effect.


Landing page optimization:

Once a user clicks on your ad, the effectiveness of the ad is over. Next, starts the process of persuasion. The aim of the persuasion may be different. You may want a user to buy your product or subscribe to a newsletter or like your facebook page or a combination of all these. So, landing page optimization is a must. Rillmark carefully analyzes and optimizes the landing page by following best practices. We analyze the steps and optimize the funnel for maximum conversion

Why choose us ?


Google adwords management  is a broad subject. There many elements that we need to take care for a proper adword management campaign as we have discussed above. Rillmark Ads is capable of providing all of these services in a very competitive cost

Helpful Analysis reports:

In order to measure the progress, we will provide you with analysis reports, which will help you to reanalyze your marketing strategy. We will be suggesting what you can do better for a more effective campaign.


You can approach Google adwords campaign from various angles. We will be showing you the most cost effective method for you. This will help you to streamline your marketing costs.

  • We can build new campaigns from scratch
  • We can manage existing campaigns
  • We can restructure existing campaigns