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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


PPC Audits and Management

PPC Audit and management is one of the liable form of marketing that can only be implemented online. However, it attracts number of potential customer to your business.
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What is PPC Audit and Management?

Most of us are quite aware of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This is one of the most accountable form of marketing and can only be implemented online. PPC advertisements are placed in search engines or websites. The advertisers only pay for clicks their ads receive. Only the interested online visitors will click on the ads. Hence, the potential to make a sale based on PPC is very high. Though PPC can be very beneficial for advertisers because of the cost and effectiveness but there are so many factors that influence the decision of online visitors. Hence, PPC audit and management is very important. PPC audit and management refers to techniques that evaluate the effectiveness of PPC advertising ad campaigns.


Why PPC Audit and Management?

PPC advertising costs are relatively low. More and more businesses and organizations are leveraging the power of PPC. The beauty of PPC based advertisements are their effectiveness can be easily measured. Because we can measure the effectiveness of PPC campaigns, we have the ability to optimize every PPC ad we place. There are various factors to take into account while placing a PPC ad. These factors include demography, geography, device use, time of ad visibility, and so on. Hence, you may be confused and lost in the volumes of elements to take care of. Hence PPC audit and management is important.

Our PPC Audit and Management service:

We believe that every PPC audit and management service should be systematic so that it is effective and the blind spots are minimized. Hence, generally we follow few predetermined steps. We pay special attention making sure that you gain maximum number of customers and site visitors. Our service is not pay once and forget about it. We constantly revise and modify the ads according to the statistics we gather to provide you the best possible service.

Our PPC Audit and Management process:

We follow the following steps for proper PPC audit and management:

Conversion tracking

This is the first step of PPC Audit and management. We begin by auditing conversions. We pay attention to the click count and conversion rate, keeping in mind cases of abnormal conversion rates.

Target Setting tracking

PPC ads can be customized with laser precision. If not done properly, your PPC ad will not be effective if you do not target your customer base properly. Target settings has several variables such as locations, network settings and mobile bid adjustments.

PPC ad keywords

Use of too much keywords is also a weakness. We pay special attention to the most relevant keywords pruning other keywords. After finding the high performing keywords, we look at the advertisement copy.

Performance Review Reporting

Rillmark ads reviews all PPC campaigns regularly. We will generate the reports and share with you. According to these reports, we will trim, prune and tweak the advertisements in order to get maximum results.

Ad variations audit

It is not wise to just use one ad copy. We also look if multiple copies of PPC ads are testes as well. This is important to find out the best performing ad.

Negative ad audits

You may not want to show your PPC ads for certain keywords. This is important as well. There is no use of showing ads to people, who are not interested in your products and services. Hence, we pay attention to negative ad audits as well.


After performing a full PPC audit, we will offer you suggestion on how you can improve your PPC ads. A audit report will also be provided to you.

Why Choose Us?

Quality service:

Our service is systematic. We pay attention to all the elements of PPC Ad, the copy, all the elements of the ad and its performance.

Fast Service:

We understand that you want the results fast. We have a sizeable workforce, we employ industry standard software and have ready made templates. This enables us to provide services fast.


We believe that PPC audit and management need not be too costly. We offer you competitive rates. Just send us your requirements and budget, we are sure we can find an agreement.