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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Compitetors Analysis

Competitive analysis is the preliminary phase of SEO to determine SEO target and provide fundamental operations to establish your overall strategy.
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What is competitive analysis?

Before running a SEO campaign, it is imperative that you perform a competitive analysis. Competitive analysis is a process where you identify who your competitors are, what strategies they are following, their weaknesses and their degree of successes.


Why competitive analysis services?

Competitive analysis provides helpful insights that you can use on your own campaigns. This gives you what strategies are working in the market and which ones are not working. It helps you to prioritize your tasks. In addition, you will also know what strategies to adopt, and how hard it is to outperform your competition.

Our competitive analysis services.

Identifying  the competition

This is where we start. We will systematically look for your competition both locally and globally. We will shortlist them to top four and employ certain tools in order to identify their keywords and traffic they are receiving.

Collecting information of competition

After identifying the competition, we start to look for specifics about your competition. We will mainly focus on the keywords they are using, the amount of traffic they receive, their domain authority and the back links they have. All of these specifics are systematically arranged in excel or Google sheets

Backlink gap study

The major aim of this study is to find out, which websites are linking to your competitors but not to yours. This helps us to plan how to narrow the gap between your website and your competitor’s site. We use industry standard tools to generate backlink reports. These reports can be used as a guide for SEO campaign

Keyword and gap analysis

In this process, we identify those keywords for which your competition ranks better than you. We then analyse why these keywords rank well for your competition. Then we make adjustments on your websites making sure that your site also performs well on these desirable keywords. Once again, we will generate a report based on our analysis.

Based on these services, we will further work out a SEO strategy.

Why choose us ?

Depth of Analysis

Rillmark Ads is committed for competitive analysis. Our analysis is systematic and comprehensive. We will peel layer over layer until we are satisfied by the length and breadth of the data we collect

Systematic Reporting

Analysis alone is of no use unless we quantify the analysis and present it in a readable format. We will provide our report for you to view and understand so that you identify your weak points as well as strengths.

Corrective suggestions

Along with a report, we will provide you with corrective actions that you can undertake. As a full SEO service provider, you can employ Rillmark Ads to make those corrective actions.


We understand that the quality competitive analysis can be affordable as well. We deliver value for money that you cannot match with other providers.