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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Keyword Research

Keyword research is a research process used to find actual search terms that people employ to find products and services online.
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What is keyword research?

A keyword is a word or phrase that customer types to find their searches in search engines. Depending upon the keywords, the search engine provides the relevant results to the user. The results ranking on first pages have more than 90% chances of being visited than a low ranking site, which means more traffic and conversion. So, to rank your site on the first page, keyword plays a big role.

Keyword research finds words or phrases related to your website, blog, and pages to generate more organic traffic. Analysing the market keyword, we can get the most appropriate keywords for sites. A generic keyword can help you easily be found on the search engines, ultimately getting you more organic traffic. Even as a user, the relevant keyword can give you an accurate result in less effort. Keyword research is also an influential SEO campaign to rank sites on SERP. Moreover, it will let you know through which words & phrase customer searches you in the online world.  

Keyword research has been a strategic key to succeed in online marketing. As a result, your niche keyword becomes a visible option for your clients.

Why Keyword Research?

Keyword research is not only about ranking sites on the first page of the search engine but it will also generate tons of idea for content marketing. You can learn the willingness of mass audience, stay competitive in your market and utilize SEO tools to the fullest. There are millions of competitor sites and very fewer chances of being found in the web. The only way your site can be ranked in the search engine is a niche keyword. If your website has the irrelevant or unusual keyword, then your site is more likely to rot in the web.

Since Keyword Research has been the most valuable task for SEO campaign, it can be very beneficial for those who want to promote their business online.

Our Process

In the beginning, we dig for the potential keywords and phrases that match your market’s keywords. Then we filter all the unwanted findings and come up with that niche keyword for your site.

Here are the five implications that our service includes:

Search volume: It’s important to know if there is any fish or not before setting your fishing net in the pond. We look for the most searched keyword related to your business and find the most appropriate one.

Target audience: The goal of knowing your target audience is setting your fishing net in the right pond. We can predict the most relevant keyword for your search market through your audience footsteps.

Specificity: Accuracy and Specificity is what search engine loves. If your site has vague keywords then it would be misled. The keyword research specifically comes up with the word that truly summarizes your business service or products.

User location: It is a smart move, to know the which pond you are targeting. Your effort will be a waste if you are setting your net in a fishless pond.

Local SEO keyword research: The nature and the need of fish varies according to location. So, we make sure to give what the fish wants.

Why choose us?

Rillmarks Ads is a one-stop solution for digital marketing. We have been consistently providing overall online marketing service to our clients to the fullest.

Our SEO analysts have immersed themselves in the precisions of keywords, constantly learning the drifts and variations of keywords in the market. We gather your industry knowledge, terms and evaluate popular keywords for your site. Keyword research is not just a one day task as we have to keep updating your site content with the shifts. Our service is to build a strong portfolio of your site on the search engine. We have also special tracks for local business and areas to understand the demography.