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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is important to establish a point of interest in customers and provide them with engaging materials once they reach your website.
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What is landing page optimization?

Landing pages are what your viewers see first when they reach your website after clicking a link or advert. If you are running an online marketing campaign, it is imperative to have an interesting and informative landing page. Most people have short attention span when it comes to browsing the internet. They crave for more interaction and it falls on you to provide this.

A landing page should be relevant to the ad as well as have appeal to the viewer. Hence, landing page optimization is important to establish a point of interest in customers and provide them with engaging materials once they reach your website.


Why do you need landing page optimization service?

Business owners and companies can sometimes spend a lot of money on Google AdWords to boost their business and yet obtain very low scores in rankings and low user interaction. Poorly designed landing pages could be the cause of this.

The core of a well optimized landing page is to provide the viewer with the most ideal experience after they click on your ad or link. The viewers can be persuaded with quality content and optimization of the page. For your business, this can ultimately mean higher conversion rates whereby your viewer turn to a new customer.

Our services:


A/b testing

A/B testing for landing pages refers to creation of two or more versions of your landing page and testing specific element in both pages. You test both versions to different audiences (of similar number) simultaneously and evaluate performance of each variant. At Rillmark ads, our experienced team provides you with A/B testing to help you develop a successful conversion strategy.

Multivariate testing

Multivariate testing is a method of testing a proposition in which multiple variables are altered. Aim of multivariate testing in landing page optimization is to determine the best combination of variations in term of SEO ranking performance, traffic boost and customer conversion. At Rillmark ads, we have seasoned staff who have years of experience regarding landing page optimization who provide you with the best service in Multivariate testing as well as other aspects of optimization.

Ad copy

At Rillmark ads, we provide you with fresh and relevant copy for your advertisement needs.

Landing Page

We optimize your landing page so that viewer do not leave your page disappointed.

Email Creatives

Our experienced writers compose articulate emails that will capture the interest of your prospective customers.

Banner Creatives

We help you lure in new traffic to your website by creating intriguing banners.

Our process:

At Rillmark Ads, we go through the following process to create the perfect landing page for you.

  1.       We conduct in-depth research and analysis and provide you with a consumer profile that includes the    demographics, psychographics, and geographic analysis of your target audience.
  2.       Go through interviews to understand your business goals and needs.
  3.       Conduct testing and identify the conversion issues regarding landing page.
  4.       Create mockup of fully optimized landing page.
  5.       Generate emails and banners that are designed for new landing page.
  6.       Implement the plans and designs for landing page optimization for your website.
  7.       Conduct testing and provide an analysis report.
  8.       Recommend a comprehensive testing plan to generate ideal outcomes

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