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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Local And International SEO

Local and International SEO is equally significant based on the types of business. Local is aimed at the local markets while International is for the global ones.
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What is international SEO ?

Every minute, more than 4 million searches take place regularly in the internet. More and more people have tarted to depend on internet for their research or entertainment needs. Hence, importance of search engine and its optimization has also increased respectively. To rank high in search engine has become not only a ploy for online marketing but also a matter of prestige for brands. A high search engine ranking has become important for brands to impress upon customer’s mind as a market or thought-leader in their field. With international SEO, experts audit your website globally. Optimization of websites are conducted in a manner that search engines can easily identify and target the country and language that your business uses. Strategies and techniques are used to maximize your visibility and search rankings in each market.


Why is international SEO important for you?

Different geographical areas have different sets of cultural norms and linguistic nuances which direct translation often miss out on. Translation often does not grasp the soul of the message and sometimes can even have an opposite effect. An outstanding multilingual campaign should have the accuracy and legitimacy of being understood and should be relatable to native speakers. International SEO manages this as well as many other functions, such as, market analysis, global SEO reporting, multilingual link building, site localization, etc.

Our services:

1. Site localization

Site localization, on-page SEO, link building are all important aspects of SEO. Before looking
into the global presence, we advise you to create a credible local presence. For this we
recommend you our local SEO service where we optimize your page for maximum effect

2. Multilingual Link building

Rillmark ads employ native speaker to provide authentic multilingual link building services
for your business website.

3. Market analysis

We provide you with accurate competitor and market analysis to enter the market informed
and to seize your opportunity to flourish in the market.

4. Search engine audit

We optimize your web pages to guarantee that search engines can explore through your
website, recognize language selector and record all optimized pages efficiently using
selected keywords.

5. Optimization for different search engines

While google search holds more than 50% of the search engine market, it is not the only
popular search engine used in all nations. Our international SEO team can optimize your web
pages and increase visibility in all search engines such as Baidu, Yandex, Seznam, Naver,
Daum etc.

6. Global SEO reporting

By using a single dedicated multilingual agency for your SEO, you can gain access to a centralized
reporting system through which you can easily gain access to show results from all or individual
nation campaign reports. Rillmark ads also helps clients coordinate campaigns, share ideas and
provide information regarding relevant market groups.

Some best practices for successful international SEO:

Ensure all information is in the primary language of the targeted region. Do not use auto translation. Machine translations are not suitable in such campaigns. Do not automatically redirect a user to location based language site. A suitable action is to provide an alternate language site option instead. Do not use cookies or scripts for displaying different language versions of a web page.

Why choose us ?

Global yet authentic
At Rillmark ads, we ensure that your campaigns and web pages are generated using right keywords
for your purpose. We optimize your sites with experienced native language speakers so that the true
meaning of your content is not lost in translation.
Updated and informed
We keep you updated about your competitors and the potential size of your market so that you can
make informed business decisions.
Using a single multilingual agency for your SEO services, you can easily view results of all geographical campaigns from a single dashboard.