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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Social Media Strategy Planning

Social media strategy planning is the most effective platform to target new customers, interact with your existing one, get to know them regarding all their information.
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What is a social media marketing plan?

Social media strategy planning is the overall planning that one needs to do tin order to achieve their business goals using different social networks. This strategy planning includes audit of your marketing position lies, where you want it to be and all the required resources to get there.

The more concise planning you do for your business’s social media marketing, the easier and effective it will be to implement them. So it is very important for businesses to plan their social media marketing strategy lofty and broad so that its becomes easier to achieve. Having an effective and planned social media marketing strategy will be the most important factor to guide your actions properly, continue moving on a right path and help you check on your progress.


Why Social media marketing strategy planning?

Social media is the most effective platform to target new customers, interact with your existing one, get to know them regarding all their information that you require. Therefore, businesses need to have a good and strong presence on different social networking sites and market themselves in a strategic way. For that, social media marketing strategy planning is very important. One needs to plan about all the marketing strategies that are to be applied on their business’s social media platforms and the businesses should operate them on a regular basis.

As there are many social media platforms that you can use to market your business, managing each of those can be really difficult. Therefore, through social media marketing strategy planning, you can get a proper and systematic guideline to manage them in a strategic way.

Moreover, social media marketing strategy planning helps you create, optimize and implement systematic and strategic marketing tactics on social media platforms along with managing them for better results.

Our Services

Your business might need all kinds of social media marketing services to help you achieve your aimed business goals. However, only having marketing strategy is not enough. You will have to go along hand on hand with them with a properly balanced and strategic planning. Hence, Rillmark Ads provides your business with a proper brief social media strategic planning including all the required services. Our major services include:

  •  Creation and optimization of social media accounts
  •  Provide all the implementation guidelines
  •  Advice and Support for your ongoing social media presence
  •  Identify Ideal Customers for your business
  •  Choose proper Channels and Tactics for marketing
  •  Allocate Budget and Resources to imply the marketing strategies.
  •  Recommend all the required software for your business marketing
  •  Conduct a thorough social media audit
  •  A competitive analysis on your business
  •  Creation of interactive badges
  •  Develop and plan widget strategy
  •  Create strategy, Setup and optimize design for blogs.

Our Process

  • Initially, we will create all the required social media marketing goals that you want to achieve for your business.
  • We will conduct an overall social media audit.
  • After analyzing your social media presence, we will create and optimize your accounts properly.
  • Our social media marketing experts will gather most relevant and appropriate inspirations for the social media marketing.
  • We will create a content marketing plan and also a calendar for your social media content
  • Finally, we will implement all the prepared strategies, evaluate them, and improvise on your social media marketing plan as needed.