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4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


4th Floor, Rastriya Banijya Bank Building, Maitidevi, Kathmandu


Video Marketing

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Video Marketing Services

Video is a very effective and engaging medium that is used to showcase your contents among your audiences.


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a type of internet marketing through where brands or businesses make videos with certain durations regarding certain topics concerning themselves and their offerings. These videos are then uploaded on various video streaming websites as well as their own sites to get a better and higher exposure.

Why video marketing is needed?

As the use and trend of videos have increased exponentially, marketing methods are also getting easier as people can market their brands and businesses with the help of videos without having to present other long contents simply. With the help of relevant keywords, one can place their videos on proper websites along with relevant title and contents and get a high ranking on search engine. If you have a fine video made for your brand, then you can optimize it in a proper way and distribute it for optimum results. Fresh and engaging contents are very crucial for your brand’s good online presence. So, Video marketing is a very effective way to get your visual content out among your target audiences who search for you in the internet.

How can our video marketing services help?

We help you expand and improve your marketing campaign along with the methods you should use video search in order to market your business online.

We guide you with the ways to create most effective and relevant content and how you can present them among your target audiences.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professional video marketers will offer you the best possible strategies that will help your videos to obtain higher position on the search engines.

We provide your business with all the promotional services that can help your video get the maximum exposure to help you achieve all the fundamentals of effective and better performance of your business, such as more number of audience, higher search engine rankings, and more profits.

Our Video Marketing Services

Our Video Marketing Services, will take a close look at your business profile and identifying your business’s marketing needs. We will then provide our suggestions regarding what your business requires and with what measures you will improve your brand’s marketing through video marketing. Our services includes:


Video Tutorials

A video tutorial is a video program that informs and educates the viewers on how to use a product or service in general. Usually, a video tutorial consists of an individual instructing the viewers step by step on a product or a service and also provides extra useful information.


Product guide video

Product guide video is an explainer-video that provides essential information about the products.This video especially demonstrates the unique features and instruction of your product.It also addresses the problem of your product that client encounters with and provides the overall idea of how the product functions.


Explainer video

An explainer video is a short video that is used to focus on any kind of idea in an easy and engaging way through a clear and concise language, attractive visuals that helps in gaining the audience’s attention easily and faster. Explainer videos often explain what the company offers and why their product or service is best option to consumers.


Video infographics

Video infographics are moving graphic visual representations of information,data or stats intended to present information quickly and clearly.They are appealing to audience because visual graphics are easy to understand and interesting.This type of video are easy to digest and great tool for data analysis as well.


Event promo video

An event promo video can be a great medium to engage potential audience.According to eventbrite, video is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.So, promoting your upcoming events through video makes it look trendy and may get widely shared among viewers.And if you play it well to share your invitation, then viewers will buzz about your event like a bee.


Animation commercials

The best part about animation is, they create new worlds using our collective imagination.Animation videos create an awesome character and present it in a entertaining form.Advertising business product or service through animation can reach a broader demography earning audiences special attachment.


Video editing

Video editing is a process of manipulating video by rearranging shots together,monitoring and finalizing for output.This task is post production work, that adds special effects such as Computer Generated Imagery ( CGI) and trimming out unwanted footage and other elements.As per your video and its context, the video editing idealizes concept and narrates it as a story.

Do you want to create powerful video campaigns that deliver results?